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Our Story

Intermountain Wind’s founders and primary investors are farmers and ranchers from Wyoming and Idaho. We see significant opportunity for the land we love to play an important role in the energy future of the region and the country. We’ve been incorporated since 2007 and working with other landowners and local government officials to make sure that the western states’ wind resource brings economic improvement to the region, without compromising the land and values that we hold dear.

Our Model

Intermountain Wind strives to create value by connecting the cheapest source of electrical generation in the western grid to the major load centers through an efficient use of new and existing transmission infrastructure. This goal is achieved by cultivating strategic partnerships with governments, regulated and unregulated utilities, and infrastructure investors.

Our Values

The people who make up Intermountain Wind believe that renewable energy is essential to the future health and well-being of the region, the United States of America, and the world. Home-grown wind energy provides jobs and economic benefit to rural parts of the United States and promotes energy independence for the entire country. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical operation, transparency, and environmental stewardship. These operating values guide our decision making in our relations with our partners, the local communities in which we seek to develop projects, and all regulatory agencies.

Our Process


Intermountain Wind works to identify sites in the Western States that have a high potential to host wind electricity generation projects. We work to build relationships with landowners and regulatory agencies around these sites. We evaluate the wind resources and anticipate environmental impacts before selecting the best sites to develop.  In the next step of this phase, Intermountain Wind partners with landowners to secure access rights.


Once a site has been identified, Intermountain Wind works with turbine manufacturers to select the optimum equipment and design the configuration for the project.  In parallel, we work to complete economic, environmental, acoustic, transportation, and cultural impact assessments.  Additionally in this phase, Intermountain Wind confirms transmission for the generated electricity and interconnection with an off-taker.


Once the project has been approved for construction, Intermountain Wind works to transfer the project to a strategic investor.  In return for development fees, strategic investors receive a well-designed project for which the major development risks have been mitigated. They receive a guarantee of a stable income stream in the form of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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