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Why Wind

Wind energy is the most economically viable means of electricity generation for the Rocky Mountain region.  Wind energy investment provides the opportunity to create a long-term, sustainable source of renewable energy.  Wind energy will be an important part of the infrastructure that will provide American energy independence.  Due to a combination of technological advancements and legislative decisions, now is an ideal time for investment in the development of wind energy infrastructure.

Wyoming wind is cost competitive with other sources

The technology for conversion of wind into electricity has advanced to the point where many of the best wind resources are now cost competitive with alternatives for incremental generation such as natural gas fired technologies.

Technology Advances

Technology Advancements

According to the American Wind Energy Association (“AWEA”), the cost of electricity generated by wind has dropped approximately 40% in the last 3 years and is projected to become increasingly less expensive.

Forced Conversion Legislation

California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard (“RPS”) is one of the most ambitious renewable energy standards in the country. This legislation, combined with the quality of Wyoming’s wind resources, creates an arbitrage opportunity in the delivery of renewable energy.


Viable ROI with/without PTC

Intermountain Wind’s project sites contain inherent competitive advantages due to wind speeds, proximity to transmission, and low environmental impact.  These strategic advantages allow Intermountain Wind to deliver competitive returns without the Federal Production Tax Credit (PTC).  If the PTC is extended, wind projects like these will deliver out-sized returns.

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